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Fab8Publishing and The Art of Life Book Series has the answer to all your self-help questions for
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What are Personal User Manuals?

   Our Personal User Manuals are unique self-help books for pesonal development for all people that want to journey from their “current-self” to their “desired-self”. 

We believe that every person deserves a better way of life  with a peaceful and happy outlook. The Art of Life Book Series© collection follows proven philosophical principles, which target specific age and gender groups of people.

Our self-help books for Women, Men and Teen Boys and Teen Girls are appreciated and loved by thousands of readers and book critics. GET YOUR BOOK NOW

When you get your hands on one of these books, you get to learn useful techniques and ways to make yourself a more enlightened and happier person … and follow your dream.

Our Self-Help Books are designed in a distinct way to serve the growing needs of each and everyone.

Having useful tools that help you focus and overcome particular challenges you might face is our primary goal.

You’ll find the secret and the simple path to take on your journey to happiness and restoration.

In this collection there is a separate Personal User Manual for Men, a Personal User Manual for Women and  Workbooks for Teen Boys and Teen Girls.

Kids’ books (coming soon) are Personal User Manual “Storybooks” for Parents/Guardians.

Have you ever felt lost on the journey of life?

You’re not alone. Online self-improvement courses, self-help ebooks, and psychiatric services are abundant in our world, reflecting the fact that people are looking for ways to get the most out of their life.

It’s not always clear what the best way forward is when life presents you with challenges.

However, “The Art of Life Book Series”© is your guide to overcome those obstacles and assist transitioning you from your “current-self” to your “desired-self”.

The SECRET to  happier life is found within your Personal User Manual.

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Fab8Publishing and The Art of Life Book Series


The Art of Life Book Series© has become a sought-after collection of

Personal User Manuals, which are categorized by age and gender.


You know that Women, Men, Girls and Boys of all ages experience totally different challenges on their Life Journey. Right? … Of course you do.


We’ve got FABulous tools for you and they’re all here at Fab8 Publishing.

Our books are directed to each individual learning phase in every human’s life.


The discovery of 8 fabulous steps for enjoying a life of fulfillment and happiness was made possible after years of research and consulting with life coaches, psychologists and individuals seeking self-help and self-actualization.


Our aim is to help women, men and kids; people from all walks of life to live a happier life. We believe The Art of Life Book Series collection plays a great role in your personal development aimed at helping you becoming a better person.