Boys Becoming Men


Young Adult books for teen boys are everywhere. What about Boys becoming Men?

Which one do I choose? The best is the one that helps you reach your potential and deal with the unique challenges that come along with this time of life. The time when you have become a man but are still a boy. Yikes! What a challenge!

Check this out!

“A Personal User Manual and Transition Workbook for Boys Becoming Men” is an interactive book that enlightens you, today’s teen boy. It will help you understand the changing world we live in. You will receive tools to assist you as you grow from a boy into a man with positive examples that will prepare you for future success in life.

Becoming a man has nothing to do with age. It’s all about perception and attitude.

Your Transitions Workbook has an ever-present easy-to-use tool kit weaved throughout the pages. You will be amazed as to how user friendly it is. You will find out that it’s not necessary to wear the “man hat” and pretend; but to let the boy out to play. I do it all the time. Why? Because it feels good.

The Transitions Workbook for Boys Becoming Men is the product of conceptualization and research resulting in the best-ever self-help book for teen/adult boys. I know because I was a boy once. I transitioned from who I was to who I wanted to be. You can too !

Do yourself a favor. Get your workbook now and enjoy the journey. Let me know how you’re doing.

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