Girls Becoming Women

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“Young Adult” books for teen girls are everywhere. We believe the best YA books for teen girls are aimed at helping them reach their potential while dealing with the unique challenges that come along with this time of your life.

“A Personal User Manual and Transitions Workbook for Girls Becoming Women” is an interactive book for you, today’s teen girl, in the ever-changing world around you, preparing you with healthy, positive examples that get you ready for your future.

That being said let’s look at the world you live in today. The challenges of being a teen, especially when you’re at the age of becoming a woman. How can you be a woman and still be a girl? How do you deal with competition and other girls? What about something like rejection that nobody talks about? What about a culture fit where you live or go to school? What are you to do about boys? OMG; what about sex and other things you’re not asking?

You have a unique opportunity to find the answers by using the tools in your Transitions Workbook.

Self-help books for YA Girls are the most difficult to write because of the totally complex nature of today’s teen girl and the situations and demands she encounters.

We’ve shared this journey as parents of girls transitioning this time of their life and understand their frustrations and desires, and we applaud their accomplishments.

Talk to your parents but get your Workbook today and enjoy the journey. Namaste, Wiliam

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