Prime-Life Woman


This self-help book “User Manual” is designed to inspire and empower women in the prime of their lives: their 40s and 50s. It’s a light-hearted adventure — and an insightful look at what it means to embrace being a prime-life woman today. Not yesterday’s middle-aged woman. The awareness and observations gained from the Art of Life Book Series will never be far from mind as you go about your day, as the book sparks you to become a more self-actualized, calm, and confident version of yourself. You’ll even be able to share your progress with other like-minded peers on Fab8Publishing as you embark on your journey!

Other self-empowerment books for women attempt to lump the experiences of all women together, forgetting that we naturally change as we age, and experience different joys and challenges depending on where we are in our lives. This is a different kind of personal development eBook. It’s specifically a self-help book for women in their 40s and 50s, with plenty of real world examples found within.

The Art of Life; Prime-Life Woman is a self-help eBook for moms, busy professionals, and every woman in between. Most online eBooks for women follow the same predictable, re-hashed ground. The Art of Life Book Series© is something totally different; it’s an interactive and profound “User Manual” for the prime-life woman who wants more out of life. Get your FREE Fab8 e-Magazine