As a lad, I attended an all boy Technical High School where I took an Architectural Drawing Class.


I wanted to design houses so, my teacher encouraged me throughout the planning and design phases. He taught me that an architectural project, like life, was accomplished in phases.


I completed my first design and received the highest grade “S”, which was superior.


My teacher asked, “what will you do with these plans?


I responded, “maybe I can build a model in my woodshop class.”


My woodshop teacher insisted that I fashion every stud, beam, rafter, shingle, window and door, and assemble them to scale with a removable roof to view the overall floor plan. It took two semesters and summer school. I got another “S”. He insisted that all parts fit in harmony. I thought he was talking about the posts and beams. Much later in life I realized his message.


My Bucket List included flying an airplane, which I achieved later. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was not on the list, but that’s another story.  


My flight instructor told me to check and double check everything because flying an airplane must be more than a passion; it had to be a reality check. “You can’t pull over to the side of the road if something goes wrong,” he said. Another important message?


I have been blessed with the ability to recognize people’s difficulties without judgement and coach them toward a better place in life.


An angel came to live in my home; a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism. She told me that I was a good story teller and encouraged me to write my first novel.


“What does all this have to do with The Art of Life Book Series?” you might ask.


I found that being referred to as a Renaissance Man did not always coincide with being an amateur human being. I knew there had to be a path that I had not yet traveled. So, I lifted the roof to see what was going on inside, did a serious fly-over and after an arduous inspection found the missing storyline.


With The Art of Life Book Series, I am pleased to share the misplaced, but simple secret I have found.