How It All Happened: A Story

A while ago in a land far, far away, there was a place where holiday presents were being
assembled. William, the future Creator of the Art of Life Book Series© was discussing an
important “how-to” issue with some buddies who were, as always, complaining about the user manuals they received with their TVs, kids toy assembly stuff, cars, etc.

Out of nowhere he was blind-sided as one of the wives laughingly commented, “What’s
really needed is a User Manual for you guys.”

“Guys need what?” he retorted before thinking.

A great amount of grumbling was heard in the assembly area.

One of his allies rang in with, “I didn’t come with a User Manual. What am I to do?”

A small devilish smile appeared in the corner of William’s pursed lips. “I will create unique Personal User Manuals. They will be a lighthearted experience for everyone from 2 to 92 and there will be rejoicing in the hearts of one and all.”

William set out on a trek knowing the task at hand would not be easy. He consulted with
renowned Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Life Coaches and individuals seeking the Secret to making themselves more than they are. After many years of exploration, he realized that most people looking for self-help wanted a quick fix.

“There is no quick fix,” he assured himself.

His arduous research discovered there are 8 fabulous steps (color palettes) vital to finding the Secret to The Art of Life. He realized that for the journey to be successful, each palette must be completed before moving on.

He understood he could not do this alone and looked to a greater source, “I need help with the many User Manuals for people of all ages and genders,” he implored. People came from many lands to join the enterprise. A few writers, Illustrators, and marketing experts were chosen to be contributing members.

Thus, Fab8Publishing, LLC was formed and The Art of Life Book Series© was born!

The first Books published here on the Fab8Publishing website are titled, “A Personal User Manual for the Prime-Life Woman”, “A Personal User Manual for the Prime-Life Man”, “A Personal User Manual and Transitions Workbook for Boys Becoming Men” and “A Personal User Manual and Transitions Workbook for Girls Becoming Women”.

Our writers and illustrators are hard at work bringing more Personal User Manuals to the world!