Fab8Publishing Team

Luisa RuMein Sun

Luisa RuMein Sun was the exclusive marketing agent for a start-up technology company. As a result of her strategic guidance, this company is now one of the global leaders in its industry. On an earlier project, Luisa was a core member in the genesis, development and successful administration of a major transportation provider. Her ‘can do’ approach played a crucial role in that company becoming a leader in the transportation industry.
A successful entrepreneur, Luisa RuMein Sun plays an instrumental role in the start-up
and ongoing development of Fab8Publishing, LLC as well as The Art of Life Book Series.

Robert Gowdy

Robert Gowdy is a long-time technology veteran with a myriad of roles and experiences in business, technology, and management. A Kansas native and one-time farm boy, Gowdy uses the inquisitive nature that he has been blessed with to explore and discover new and exciting life-long skills that lead to lasting experiences.
An experienced entrepreneur, Gowdy has been a visionary advisor in the startup and development phases of Fab8Publishing, LLC.