Using Technology for Self-Improvement

Thirty years ago, we had dials and buttons on our landline-based telephones. The underpinnings of the Internet were still a lab project at DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Social collaboration was usually a group of people meeting at a local restaurant, conference room, or some other meeting place to discuss ideas and issues, support others or share information.


Today, thanks to the many technologies that are available, it is possible to connect with others from around the world at any time and from anywhere. Not only can you share your ideas and connect with others in your social group remotely, but you can also do so over any one of the devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop PCs, and laptop PCs. Sharing your ideas and experiences with others can also promote and influence your drive to succeed while on The Art of Life journey.


Proven Success of Social Collaboration and Collaborative Learning

Over the past few years, I have worked with several Fortune 500 companies that have found that they can improve their business results and promote positive outcomes by using social collaboration in the workplace. What this means is that employees can not only create their online groups geared to a particular topic or project, but they can also share content that will help others on their team to be successful. The members in these social team’s support and encourage each other to be successful. You can learn more about the perspectives of social collaboration and collaborative learning by visiting the following pages:


What is Social Collaboration?

Collaborative Learning

Why We Use Social Media in Our Personal Lives — But Not for Work


If this can function in a work environment, can it work in a self-improvement environment like The Art of Life? I think it can. In fact, I believe that being able to securely create and support a group of other folks that are on similar Art of Life journeys like mine will enhance my chances of success in my endeavor. Members can also gain insight into how others overcame their challenges, and add new social collaboration tools that they can use on their journeys.

How Can This Enhance The Art of Life Experience?

One of the questions that come to mind is, “Are FaceBook and Twitter examples of social collaboration or collaborative learning?” Both are social networks and support a form of social collaboration, but there are constant issues with security, information sharing, and confidentiality. They do not support any collaborative learning.


Soon, I see the opportunity to leverage social collaboration to support collaborative learning strategies for The Art of Life members that are interested in having support groups. I can envision that the platform would be able to support a small group of members that want to help each other and to do so in a confidential, secure environment. Members would be able to use whatever device they want to use from wherever they are in the world. Any information shared would only be within the group and confidentiality would be of utter importance.


What do you think? I would love to get any feedback (positive or negative) you have so when it comes time to design and implement the new platform, it will meet and exceed expectations.  eMail me